Witchy fingers…


Our Target now has a Halloween dollar section!  What could be better than that I ask you!?   Well, not much in my book.  I had to buy these funny Halloween witchy fingers for my reading groups.  They were SO excited.  #everybodytracking #everybodyfocused  It’s perfect timing because we are starting Roald Dahl “The Witches” for our read aloud next week. Target for the win!


Owl Directed Drawings

I have done this directed drawing of an owl the past few years with my second grade students.  Each time it comes out so wonderful that I leave their drawings up for several weeks.  We line up the branches so they look like they are all sitting in the same tree.  I use Art For Kids Hub YouTube channel pretty much exclusively when doing directed drawings with my students.  It is a family site and the father, Rob, draws alongside his son, Continue reading Owl Directed Drawings

Mondays and Play-doh

playdoh-with-logoI started using Play-doh with my second grade students last year as a form of word work and they love it.  There is something about the smell of it (personally I like it, I think because it bring back memories of being young) and there is just something about that squishy texture that is so great.  As a district we started using Journeys from HMH for our reading curriculum this year.  Each week my students get a new set of spelling words which we cut out and keep in a pocket I have taped to their desk.  We had these old library book pockets that I found in a cupboard that worked perfectly.  One of the authors of this program is Dr. Shane Templeton who coauthored Continue reading Mondays and Play-doh