Pinecone Owl Holiday Ornaments

I have made these Pinecone Owl Ornaments with my second graders for Holiday gifts  for the past two years.  Every time, they come out so darn cute, the kids love them, and I sneak them into a writing project.  Win. Win.  They are really pretty easy to make and the supplies are minimal.  I bought a bag of pinecones from Michael’s this year but you can pick them up at Target or many other places around the holidays.  The supplies are minimal; liquid glue, scissors, scraps of paper or felt, a sharpie, a popsicle stick (a pencil will also work) for placing the cotton between the pinecone petals and a bit of twine or ribbon for making the hanger.  I think the key is to pull the cotton ball apart so that you spread out the fibers, kind of cotton candy looking.  This gives the owl that fluffy look.

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We have been studying non fiction texts and main idea so this project also fit in perfect to our reading.  I have my students select two pieces of tissue paper for wrapping them, and we make a tag out of a bit of paper and punch a hole in it.  I have them thread the tag through the twine (I had a surplus of colored raffia that worked great, we used two pieces a few feet long).  We gathered up the tissue and I helped them tie the raffia around the owl.  We worked on our writing assignment today and they were fabulous.  We wrote our notes to attach to our owls in a letter format asking if they would let us (the owls) live in their Christmas tree.  I sealed them in wax, “No, I’m not fancy, I promise!”, I just happened to have it in the cupboard  ☺

Adorable parent present completed!  They are on our bookshelf waiting to go home tomorrow.  Ahhh, one thing off my never ending, mile long list!   Happy December!